Dishonored Strategy Guide Initial Impressions

Dishonored has been high on my anticipation list ever since E3. This year has been full of sequels, so it’s great to see a new IP, especially since the new IP looks to be so promising. Critically, the game appears to be just as great as it seems. I’d be excited about it even if it did bad critically, because what I played at QuakeCon made me happy, critics be damned. However, when I did play Dishonored at QuakeCon, I was under massive panic because I realized that this was the first time I’ve ever played a stealth game without a guide. I’m so horrible at stealth it isn’t funny, and it doesn’t help that I don’t have much patience for it either. So yes, imagine my delight when BradyGames confirmed that yes, there will be a Dishonored strategy guide from their house. I obtained a copy of the guide today, and I spent a little time flipping through it.

When I saw Dishonored at E3 this year, I said that the game is a steampunk Deus Ex: Human Revolution. When I played a sample of it at QuakeCon, it only enhanced my initial feelings. This is in no way a bad thing; it’s a fantastic thing, especially if you liked DXHR. As such, as soon as I got the strategy guide, the first thing I looked for in the walkthroughs was to see if it indeed was set up like DXHR. One thing DXHR and Dishonored both have pushed is that the game allows players to play how they want: with stealth or with mass murder. Therefore, the strategy guide needs to provide strategies for both methods of gameplay, and to my delight, it does.

Dishonored Strategy Guide


Dishonored Strategy Guide

mass murder

One other thing I found that made me immensely happy was the fact that all of the collectibles listed in the back were accompanied with screenshots where to find them. However, it is unfortunate that the walkthroughs themselves do not point out where to find collectibles. The collectibles are in the maps in the beginning of every mission, but they’re not in the written walkthroughs, which will require lots of flipping back and forth for completionists. I’m glad that there are no call-out boxes for the collectibles, because the guide pages are a bit cluttered up with call-out boxes anyway with side notes, side missions, and Achievement notes. That said, the collectibles could still be mentioned, perhaps in bold, within the walkthrough itself with page references to the appendix. This wouldn’t alleviate any page flipping, but it would at least help prevent missing any wayward items.

Dishonored Strategy Guide


At first glance, the Dishonored strategy guide looks like it would have everything a user could want from the guide, at least it does content-wise. We shall see what the final review unveils in time.

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