Monday Gaming Diary: My friends are liars

The Walking Dead Episode 4

My friends obviously want me to get through a certain game so badly that they’re willing to lie about what I should expect. If that weren’t the case, they wouldn’t have lied to me about Episode 4 of The Walking Dead. I kind of want to punch them, but fortunately for them, they’re all in Iowa, several states away from me. Jerks, the lot of them. Hopefully I’ll be over it before we record the next podcast.

If you want to avoid spoilers forThe Walking Dead, then I’d just skip this week’s edition of my gaming diary. Fair warning.

So Episode 3 hit me right in the gut. Hard.I believe I went over it in some length last week, so I won’t go over it again. I did tell everyone via Twitter that night and the next time we recorded a podcast that if I had to (spoiler incoming) kill a kid again, I would quit playing the game immediately, even if I was 20 minutes from the end of Episode 5. Everyone assured me that I was safe in Episode 4, especially my podcasting cohorts.

You’re all LIARS.

Within about ten minutes of Episode 4, I had to kill another kid. This time, it wasn’t as drawn out, and I hadn’t gotten a chance to know this kid. Poor little guy hid from the zombies in the attic and starved to death, so he was a tiny, scarily thin zombie kid when my party found him. He was already a zombie, so technically it shouldn’t count, but it was hard all the same. He was so weak and sad and tiny. Poor Kenny was having horrific flashbacks after what happened to his own son, so of course, who has to put this kid of his misery once again? Me/Lee.

It was so hard to continue playing. I had already sworn I would be done if I had to kill another kid, and here I was again, killing another kid. The only reason why I kept going was because it wasn’t a child I knew, and it wasn’t like he was a kid I found who was bitten so I had to make that terrible choice all over again. But my God…it was still a child. And then Lee buried the poor kid with his dead dog in the backyard…could this get any sadder?

Why do I play this game again?

I guess I’m just as much of a liar as my friends, because I did not quit playing. I completed Episode 4, and no other children were killed. May this trend continue in Episode 5, as that’s going to be a gut-wrencher anyway, without killing any children.

Or maybe Episode 5 will end with “Rocks fall, everyone dies.” That would be so bad, it would be funny.

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