Monday Gaming Diary: A New Hobby

Halo Mega Bloks Warthog set

Fellow writer Chris Nitz is a talented toy photographer with an affinity for everything LEGOs. He’s constantly talking to me about new LEGO sets he’s looking at, new ideas he has for his photography, LEGOs, LEGOs, LEGOs. I really enjoy the LEGO games, and I’ve always liked the LEGO art I’ve seen at conventions, malls, exhibits, etc., but actually collecting and building with LEGOs hasn’t interested me since I was young.

That kind of changed when my son got interested in playing with LEGOs. He likes some of the sets, but his coordination skills aren’t there yet to build the fancy cars and models in the instruction booklets, so I’m the one who usually puts the sets together. A couple of weeks ago, we were shopping at Toys R Us for a LEGO table for him to keep all of his bazillion of pieces on and in, and I ran across a Halo Mega Bloks set (not exactly LEGOs, but eh, close enough) for the Warthog. Halo LEGOs? Really? Now that’s something I could play with!

The set stayed in its box until Gabe had a sick day. We spent a couple of hours poring over the instructions and wading through hundreds of teeny tiny pieces until we built the Warthog and the Forerunner Relic. When I came away from it…I realized it was a ton of fun. Not only that, but I wanted more. I want more than just the Warthog…I want my absolute favorite vehicle from the games–the Ghost. Oh and a Scorpion…those missions are always the most fun. Ooooh wait…I can build a Pelican dropship? And a Phantom? I NEED ALL OF THESE. Curse my collector/addictive personality!

Of course, I can’t buy more, because we’ve told Gabe that he can’t have any more LEGO sets until Christmas. If he can’t have any, then I can’t have any, because a four-year-old will NEVER understand why Mommy gets toys and he can’t. Oh sure, I have reasons like Mommy has a job and you don’t, but it’s easier to not buy myself these toys and avoid the whining temper tantrum I’m sure to get if he sees another toy block set that isn’t his. The joys of parenthood and all that.

Christmas can’t get here fast enough.

And for the record, if they ever release Mass Effect LEGOs or Mega Bloks…well, I think it goes without saying how screwed I am then.

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