Monday Gaming Diary: DmC is popular

DmC: Devil May CryWhenever I know I’m going to review a strategy guide, I typically preorder the game. However, since I rarely get my review copies the day of game release, for DmC: Devil May Cry, I decided to forgo preordering and just pick up the game whenever the guide arrived. I never have problems picking up games in store the week they release, as no one seems to be hardcore in my neighborhood. I stopped preordering games–save Collector’s Editions–before, and I never had an issue then. Seems silly to preorder a regular game and have it sit around for a few days doing nothing.

My strategy guide review copy arrived on Friday, so I headed out to GameStop that evening. No games in stock. That was a first. I’ve never visited my GameStop and seen any games out of stock, including Mass Effect 3. No problem, I’ll go to BestBuy tomorrow. Out of stock. Went to a different Best Buy with same results. I was told that the closest Best Buy that had maybe one copy in stock was an hour away.

So my weekend did include prodding a devil into possibly crying, as disappointing as that was. I’ve had to put in a request at BestBuy for one to ship to store, which will take 3-5 days. It took a lot for me not to roll my eyes at the news.

Maybe this is good news in the long run, as I’m still not feeling completely up to par. I feel like I should start something from my stack of shame in the meantime, but then again, why get involved in something else now when another game will be here within days? Eh, I may just use this as an excuse to continue to be lazy.

Oh and by the way, the strategy guide for DmC is not nearly as fat as the picture on Amazon makes it out to be. I was half disappointed and half relieved.

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