Monday Gaming Diary: There’s been no gaming

My consoles don't look this bad, but you get the idea.

My consoles don’t look this bad, but you get the idea.

My house has been a state of misery. I’ve somehow remained sick since about New Year’s Day, which doesn’t sound like it forebodes well for the rest of the year. Or maybe it means I’ve used up all my sickness from the year at once, which would be incredibly awesome to say the least. I’ve been sick on and off, the kid has been sick, and now the husband is battling what appears to be a horrendous toothache. He’s getting a root canal on Wednesday, which can only lead to more misery in this house. It’s a good thing no one comes over, because everyone needs to stay away from this pit of despair as long as possible.

The good thing is that I’m finally over my horrific sinus issues I’ve been fighting. It’s also good that no one has been fighting the flu. However, it also means that I haven’t touched gaming in weeks, as much as I am sad to say. Sitting up at all for long periods of time has been hell. I’ve nearly been working from my bedroom most of the time. So, yeah…the stack of shame still sits shamefully.

This week starts the first official week of strategy guide releases with DmC: Devil May Cry. Can you believe how fat that thing is? That will keep me busy for awhile, holy cow.

Please tell me you all have at least been fighting the good fight and playing games on my behalf. That will make me feel slightly better.

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