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Keri Honea, Chief Strategy Guide Aficionado

I didn’t grow up in a household that condoned playing video games, so I was often the “map-maker” for my friends. My first start was not surprisingly The Legend of Zelda. Since my deprived childhood roots, I’ve turned to strategy guides as part of my gaming rituals for a few reasons: I love the maps, I love the artwork, and I have no freakin’ patience for anything.I get frustrated easily, which is the primary reason why I do not play platforming games. I’ll struggle through a lengthy JRPG boss fight two-three times in a row, but that’s my limit. Instead of rage quitting, I turn to guides.

I also hate missing collectibles, and I have this nasty habit of wanting to find out what happens next so badly that I don’t explore as much as I should. Again, this is where guides come in handy.

I’ve been writing in the gaming journalism industry since 2005. I originally started with the now defunct Kombo.com, dabbled with the Examiner, and wrangled writers at GamesAreEvil.com. I currently write gaming news for Game Revolution and write shooter reviews for GamingAngels.com.

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