Monday Gaming Diary: Bravely Dafuq?

Bravely DefaultI have a mutant power when it comes to video games. I have the ability to avoid all spoilers of any game. It doesn’t matter if I plan on playing it or not; I can somehow blank out all discussion of any potential spoilers. I played the original BioShock several years post release and was still surprised by the ending. Even though Blake for a year kept saying, “Would you kindly” during podcasts, I never picked up on it. It’s a goddamn gift.

Thus, I’ve managed to avoid something that several people have complained about with Bravely Default over the last couple of years. This is one of those times that a gift can be a curse.

As I mentioned over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been trying to play Bravely Default instead of tablet or phone games. I’ve been pretty successful, but on Sunday, during naptime, I hit something I didn’t expect: having to replay virtually the entire game. I’ve logged in over 35 hours of the game thus far in my party’s attempt to reawaken all of the crystals (Square and their damn crystals), and after reawakening the last one, I’ve gone back in time and I have to reawaken them all over again. I snarked on Twitter over it, and a friend replied that I’d have to do it more than twice. I looked it up on GameFAQs, and sure enough, I have to awaken the crystals a grand total of four times.

You have GOT to be kidding me.

I can handle some padding in games, but this is ridiculous. I’m annoyed about waking them again. I have zero interest about doing it two more times after that. How little story is there to force this? If it is necessary for the story and plenty is revealed during these tedious and repetitive boss battles, then I have to wonder how awful the story is. I’m honestly debating quitting and reading an online wiki, because I am curious about the life of one character. But is that one character’s tale worth repeating this plot device? Ugh, I have trouble caring.

This is lazy, even for Square Enix standards. Next thing I’ll hear is that you can only see a “good” ending if you complete the game to 100% or something like that. Please don’t tell me if that is the case. I don’t need my world shattered any further.

Maybe I should just go back to Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance or Final Fantasy X; Square Enix games that don’t entirely Square Enix themselves.

I need help.

Monday Gaming Diary: Post-E3 Haze

It happens every year I return from the show; I step off the plane in some sort of post-show fog that I can’t shake for several days. Last year it took about 3 months, but I was also working 3-4 jobs back then. Since I’ve cut that down to 2, I hope that I can cut the fog time down as well. I simply don’t have the time to be caught up in that haze.

It’s partly because I have San Diego Comic Con coming up, something that I get close to canceling each day. But I know if I do, I’ll miss something huge for the company and then I’ll feel all sorts of guilty and blah blah blah.

But the other part is that I have so much to review! LEGO Jurassic World arrived the day before I left, so I have that strategy guide plus The Witcher 3, a few other reviews will possibly come in, and then I still have Final Fantasy XIV that I have hopes of playing. I don’t know when, but I have hopes of playing it.

I played way too much at E3 to go over here, but I will talk about it on the podcast this week. I can say that Prima Games has some exciting stuff in the works for everyone, and I got a chance to say hi to both Prima Games and old BradyGames folks. Both groups genuinely appeared to be pleased with their new strategy guide situation, and I talked to both excitedly about what’s coming up. And then I talked to one good friend at Prima Games for waaaaaaay too long about the extended universe of Halo lore. Poor guy had no idea what he was in for when he asked me about the Halo books.

I did do more than play on my Street Pass this trip though. I got back into Bravely Default for a little bit, and I’m going to try to pick up that game when I’m on the couch instead of Mortal Kombat Kard Game. Since I find the gameplay overly tedious in Bravely Default, picking it up in bursts seems to be the best course of action instead of playing it for hours at a time. It’s hard to get too burned out on the turn-based random encounters when you only play them a few times a day. I do risk getting bored of looking at the same room all the time, but we’ll see how this goes. I feel the need to get this one finished so I can move on to Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance. Gotta get that one done before KH3 never releases.

Huge thanks to Chris for taking care of things while I was away. He and the gang did a great job covering E3 discussions. I wish I could have joined in, but I was unbelievably busy and in a room with unbelievably too many people. May try to make up for it at SDCC if there’s anything exciting to talk about. If not, oh well. We shall all move on!

Fingers crossed that this fog leaves me soon. I still have two more E3 previews to write and zero motivation for any of it. Thank God for LEGO Jurassic World.

Monday Gaming Diary: Bethesda Can Just Take All My Money

Bethesda-logoI come back from a camping trip and find that Bethesda has dropped some goodies for me. For those that might not know, Bethesda held their E3 press conference on Sunday, June 14, 2015. While I was not able to watch it, or even be there in person, my slave driving boss Keri was there. She wrote up a nice little cliff notes version of the presser right here.

I never played Dishonored, so a sequel is not doing anything for me. Now Doom 4 on the other hand…yeah, I’m stupid excited about that game. Doom II was probably my very first major PC addiction. I had played other games in the past such as Leisure Suit Larry, Wolfenstein 3D, and Rise of the Triad, but it was the Doom series that grabbed ahold of me. Hell, I even played the crap out of Doom 3 when everyone I knew wasn’t impressed with it. So yeah….DOOM 4 HYPE! I hope we get more info on this one as the week progresses.

It should not be too shocking at this point that I am stupidly excited for Fallout 4. Yes, I am even considering the damn Pip-Boy Edition just for that ridiculous Pip-Boy Watch. I know it’s a gimmick, but I must own that stupid gimmick. It seems like a thing a fan should do, no?

Outside of that toy watch, the game mechanics sound pretty badass. Weapon crafting, settlement building, defending that newly constructed settlement, and being able to see the world before the nuclear devastation all have me ridiculously excited. What is really crazy is to know that Bethesda has been working on this game since the release of Fallout 3. Maybe we won’t have so many bugs when this releases?!?!

So Bethesda, just shut the eff up and take my money!

Monday Gaming Diary: E3 is Coming! E3 is Coming!


It dawned on me this morning that at that time next week, I’ll be in line for the Xbox press conference. I nearly threw up in an anxious fit.

It’s not that I’m not prepared. In many senses of the word, I am prepared. I have my schedule fully booked to the point I have no time for lunch. I have the electronics picked out (Surface, extra battery charger, smartwatch, phone, 3DS). I know which games I’m going to see. I have hopes to meet with strategy guide publishers at some point. All I need to do is pack my bag and buy snacks that I will need to survive throughout the day. I’m thinking turkey jerky, string cheese, and cookies. It’s everything a growing girl needs to survive.

I may be prepared in that sense, but I’m not prepared mentally for this onslaught E3 will surely be. E3 is great great fun, do not get me wrong. However, it’s also a great great beating. It’s work, and it’s very hard work at that. Since I am in meetings all day from doors open to doors close, it means the only times I have to write about any of my adventures will be at night. I foresee very little sleep.

As such, I have turned down most party invitations. I want to be social, but I won’t have time to be. The only ones I accepted were those that start super early, as they promise to have food. Selfish of me, I know, but if I can kill as many birds with one stone as possible, I’m there.

But what worries the most are the withdrawals from The Witcher 3 and Diablo 3. I finally broke the 3 million gold mark in D3, so that last Trophy is almost within my grasp. And I’ve missed the Witcher so much over this last week thanks to reviews and the husband leaving me alone with the kids for a solid month. Oh how he owes me. At this point, I may just start over when I return from E3 and do some serious focusing on it. Soooo that means what, more D3 for this week before the big show? Works for me! Yeah, buddy!

Wait, what was I panicking about again? I don’t remember.

Monday Gaming Diary: StreetPass Reigns Supreme

carousel-01So after all of that talk last week about everything I was going to take with me to MomoCon over the weekend, including changing out the PS4 for the Surface so I could review something for work, only the 3DS got any attention. And that was strictly for StreetPass purposes only. I never once played Bravely Default. I didn’t play anything else I brought for the 3DS. I didn’t turn on the Vita once. And the only time I used my Surface was to quickly write an article about Keith David letting something slip about Halo 5: Guardians. I didn’t even watch my friend play games, which is something we always do when I visit.

At the con, it was all about the StreetPass. I checked it so often for said StreetPasses, I nearly finished round two of Find Mii II (started fresh game at the con). I also only have three puzzles to complete. I should get it all done by E3, and of course, as is E3 tradition, Nintendo will add more puzzles for me to complete. And then that is what SDCC is for.

I really did mean to at least work a little, work meaning work on a review and not write a news story. However, when you’re visiting a friend you haven’t seen in a couple of years, sometimes these things just don’t happen. We stayed up way too late talking and catching up, and we went to see Avengers 2: Age of Ultron on Saturday. Yes, I have to go out of town to see a movie. Whilst on the plane, I spent every minute in the air reading the last Witcher book I have. I finished it while my plane was getting taxied after landing. What can I say? It’s a really good book series, even better than the games.

Oh and last night I didn’t play any games either because I wanted to finish volume 1 of Dragon Age: The World of Thedas. I admit completely I have a problem. But now that I’m back in the real world, it’s back to work and back to The Witcher 3!