Strategy Guide Wit

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Super Scribblenauts Strategy Guide by Prima Games and Eve Eschenbacher

Ignore the flagpole; it has nothing to do with it. (Besides, all you ever get from flagpoles is fireworks and some toad telling you that the girl’s in another castle.) – pg. 31

Kingdom Hearts Strategy Guide by BradyGames and Dan Birlew

Squall, er, Leon, was the main hero in Final Fantasy VIII. – pg. 48

For saving the gorillas, Kerchak tosses everyone on top of the new ridge. – pg. 87

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Strategy Guide by BradyGames and Off Base Productions

The tortoise may have beaten the hare, but if Nate takes it slow and steady through the train car, he’s going to lose, and the results of this loss are fatal. The falling train waits for no one. – pg. 27

After the massive battle, there are more than enough AK-47s, .45 Defenders, and Moss 12-gauge Shotguns to go around. However, Nate won’t be using any of them. This is no more combat in the remainder of this chapter. If he’s feeling sorry for all those dropped weapons, he might as well stock up on AK-47 ammo for the next chapter. – pg. 64

There you go. That’s it for Adventurer 101 today, kid. – pg. 68

Looks like Nate has been training since his last adventure. Climbing up and over signs used to be too much to handle, and now he’s climbing over everything, the little monkey. – pg. 71

It provides a full view of the battle and allows him to pick off any enemies too stubborn to fall. – pg. 98

Secure the temple location—Check. Obtain sacred ritual dagger—Check. Avoid Lazarevic’s men… Reunite with ex-flame—Check. – pg. 102

Sure, Nate can blow off the soldier’s armor and look cool as he heroically defeats the enemy. The other option is to just run around to the back of the armored beast while he’s distracted and perform a stealth kill. It’s not as glamorous, but it sure is a hell of a lot easier. – pg. 118

The traitorous partner aims to put Nate down for good and almost succeeds, but the adventurer is craftier than he looks, which is pretty crafty. – pg. 145

Nate’s having a hard time. He tries to be noble and rescue an old friend from certain peril and what does he get for it? A “No, thank you” and a bullet in his gut. Things just aren’t going his way. – pg. 146

Whoever says that you can have too many grenades is just wrong. – pg. 148

Nate’s P08-9mm has a very special feature. Every time he reloads the gun, the weapon’s ammunition is completely restocked. If only every gun were as special as this one. – pg. 163

Keep a heavy finger on the trigger and aim quickly unless Nate wants everyone to fly over the broken ledge and die. Which, of course, he does not. – pg. 261

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